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1. How would self-insured plans serve as a competitive counterforce to insurers trying to raise premiums for fully insured products? If a self-insured plan

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1. How would self-insured plans serve as a competitive counterforce to insurers trying to raise premiums for fully insured products? If a self-insured plan "rents" an insurer's network of providers, does this likely effect the insurer's ability to negotiate provider prices? Why?
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Self-safeguarded plans can act as a serious counterforce to safety net providers attempting to raise charges for completely protected items since self-guaranteed plans permit businesses to expect the monetary gamble of their representatives' medical services costs. This implies that the business, as opposed to an insurance agency, pays for the clinical costs of its representatives. Subsequently, self-protected plans give bosses more command over their medical services costs, which can empower them to haggle better costs with medical services suppliers and keep away from the high managerial expenses related with conventional protection.  Competitive Counterforce to Insurers Essay Example
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At the point when a self-safeguarded plan "leases" a guarantor's organization of suppliers, this might possibly influence the guarantor's capacity to arrange supplier costs. This is on the grounds that the back up plan is basically going about as a broker between oneself protected business and the suppliers, and the suppliers might be more ready to arrange lower costs straightforwardly with the business instead of through the guarantor. Furthermore, oneself guaranteed boss might have more haggling power than an insurance agency since it addresses a bigger gathering of people, and suppliers might be more able to offer limits to keep up with the's business. Nonetheless, the degree to which this influences the guarantor's capacity to arrange supplier costs will rely upon the particulars of the legally binding connection between the back up plan and oneself protected business.  Competitive Counterforce to Insurers Essay Example

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